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The environment and its security protection require long-term experience and a multidisciplinary approach. We can help you take advantage of both to benefit you. From license to ecological management, our partners are your loyal supporters.


Sustainability is related to strategy and determination. We can help you improve the overall social and environmental approach, and reap the benefits of increased profits, reduced costs and improved public image. With our assistance, your stakeholders will be your best ambassadors. Learn about the protocols that can be used to keep up with the latest developments.

European Funding

Seek European and other competitive programs in terms of capacity building and access to funding. We will support you throughout the entire process from local funding schemes to cooperation with large international organizations and institutions, to recommendations to the European Commission. We love incubators and accelerators, and encourage new SMEs and startups to contact us for free advice.


The company provides a solution for the raw material sector for the development of prototype materials.

We believe in perfection & creativity.

The main steps for reaching the customers will be based through a digital tool. The digital tool will be the additional strategy for contacting, meeting and collaborating with new potential customers in the area of the industrial waste producer.


Our team consists of passionate specialists and experienced professionals. Combining a diverse set of academic backgrounds and skills, all the members share something very common, they are all technology lovers and enjoy working. 

Capitalising on that accumulated and diverse team experience, while exploiting the knowledge on raw materials and combining it with a passion for novelties, the team delivers optimal solutions and customised services.

All the members of our team are dedicated team players who bring energy, fresh ideas and creativity in their work.

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