Your Sustainable Partner

support and guidance

environmental inspections & supervisions

We conduct environmental inspections of existing infrastructure and complexes (in operation or abandoned) and assess potential hazards to the environment. We also undertake the supervision of projects under construction to ensure that all environmental protection measures are in place and put into operation.

environmental consulting

We conduct environmental impact assessment research, ecological research and so on. After all, the environment is our playground.
support and guidance

European Funding Programmes

We will conduct fund planning, phone and tool search and serious research for you, in order to provide you with business advice that best suits your needs. In addition, we take over the established proposal from the beginning until the final evaluation of each stage. 

This includes first carefully studying the call for solicitation, collecting all necessary documents, preparing the proposal, and all procedural measures taken for the final submission of the proposal. In addition, we can control the follow-up actions of the proposal regardless of whether the progress is successful or failed. 

Our project management team can provide you with a complete organization integrated solution in all stages of the proposal.

support and guidance

sustainable solutions

We provide sustainable solutions that can transform your needs for the company’s sustainable development into a company’s sustainable development strategy. We help you improve the company’s ecological and social efficiency, and support you to ensure:

Profit by raising awareness of products and services; reducing costs by better managing resources (human, natural, cultural, etc.); satisfaction of all parties involved in your activities; services with competitive prices that can satisfy humanity Demand, while gradually reducing the impact on the ecology; greater added value and social impact; compliance with laws, instructions and regulations; better control of any internal adaptation actions; better control of internal and external images. Within the framework of sustainability assessment and reporting, we will help you apply international standards, guidelines and agreements: 

GRI G4: The new generation of Global Reporting Initiative (Global Reporting Initiative) can ensure that you only show the basic aspects of your business, thereby saving manpower and financial resources;

Global Reporting Initiative, which can ensure that you only show the basic aspects of your business, thereby saving manpower and financial resources; ISO 26000: This standard provides guidance on issues that should cause concern; The United Nations 

Global Compact: the basic principles of sustainable entrepreneurship proposed by the United Nations