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The company provides a solution for the raw material sector for the development of prototype materials.

The main steps for reaching the customers will be based through a digital tool. The digital tool will be the additional strategy for contacting, meeting and collaborating with new potential customers in the area of the industrial waste producer.

The digital tool will be the place for the first contact between the customer and our company for the valorization of the waste and for the development of a prototype material.

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Your Sustainable Partner

The company’s innovation is based on the circular, low cost, low CO2 emissions, environmentally friendly process which will be extracted as an output from the digital tool resulting on the utilization of wastes as feedstock material.

The company is targeting as beachhead market the raw material sector and as a secondary market the building sector.

We aim at the Greek market at this point and in the next five years to claim significant portion of the market, while initiating and expanding to International markets.